The difference

Here you can see the difference between our products and Press On Nails / glue nails from other suppliers. Quality is our top priority, so we choose the best products for you with the greatest care. We are a trained team in the nails & beauty area, with years of experience.


The apex is used for stability and minimizes the leverage effect on outgrown nails. Thus the apex is of absolute importance for the durability of the nails. In addition, the apex indicates a deeper C-curve, which is perfect for nails with high C-curves. You can also see in our model (below) that the real nails protrude from the side due to the low C-curve of the product.


The course of our nails is completely straight, the approach is very thin for a perfect transition and thicker towards the tip. Because our nails get a little thicker with the length, the nails do not buckle and thus do not leave any kinks. 

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